Nov 21, 2019, 9:00 PM
Michael Crouch Innovation Centre,
Gate Two Ave, Kensington NSW 2033, Australia



'Innovateen' is a two day event that will invite students from a range of different high schools to develop and unleash their innovative design skills and entrepreneurial talent.

Teams will be given 24 hours to work together to solve and respond to a design challenge.  

Students will walk away from the event empowered by the experience of working as a ‘creative team’ and with a rich understanding of the skills needed to be creative and confident entrepreneurs.

Innovateen offers year 10 to year 12 students the chance to think, design, and create like an innovator. It exposes students to the nature of entrepreneurship: fun, dynamic, collaborative, and challenging, with the personal satisfaction of creating a solutions to problems that can improve the world around them.


During the two day event students will work in mixed teams of four and employ an entrepreneurial mindset and innovative thinking to solve authentic, community-driven, real-world problems.



A range of local colleges and high schools will be invited to the event with numbers limited to around 10 participants per school.  By connecting talented students with tertiary education and industry leaders we aim to give young entrepreneurs a look into future possibilities and prepare them with the skills necessary to succeed in college and the ever-evolving workplace.


This network of students, education and industry will provide participants the opportunity to collaborate and engage with other community partners so that students can develop and practice the  critical skills that are essential to thrive in the new global economy.


Participants will hear entrepreneurial start-up stories from successful organisations and learn how social enterprise and innovation can build a strong business. Student teams will be given design challenges from these organisations in which to solve. Think 24hour style ‘hackfest’ and then pitch their ideas back to them.

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