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Innovateen Design Challenge - Teen Entrepreneurs take on Industry Mentors

15th & 16th  March, 2018

The first youth innovation and entrepreneurial event ‘Innovateen’ saw students from Brigidine college team up with neighboring Marcellin College, Randwick Boys High School and Randwick Girls High School to take on industry mentors in a range of real-world design challenges. Brigidine College Randwick organised the two-day challenge with the assistance of Tim Edwards from ‘LifeJourney’ and Emma Broadbent from ‘CISCO Networking Academy’.

During the two day event the students were grouped into teams with peers from other schools and assigned an industry mentor who gave them the design challenge which they then had 24 hours to solve. The teams worked together over course of two days to develop a solution for the challenge, learning a range of skills and techniques along the way, such as designing, prototyping and how to pitch like an entrepreneur. The teams employed an entrepreneurial mindset and innovative thinking to solve these authentic, community-driven, real-world problems all while having an opportunity to connect with potential career pathways for their future.

We were so excited to see how these students from different back grounds worked together and leveraged the skills they’ve learned from the previous day and tackle real world innovation challenges.


By connecting talented students with industry leaders and university students, the challenge aimed to break down barriers and give young entrepreneurs a glimpse into the possibilities of the future.


Anelo Cournut, General Manager for Cardiovascular Solutions, at Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices commented “J&J is happy to be an industry mentor for the Innovateen Design Challenge. We were excited to hear the solutions and perspectives from the teams! We need the next-generation to be prepared to help solve the problems facing our society in the future.”


This network of students, education and industry provided all those involved, the opportunity to collaborate and engage with other community partners to develop 21st-Century skills that are essential for the new global economy. Tim Edwards, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships LifeJourney International, summed it up perfectly by saying, ‘It was so great to see the team's solutions and meet such brilliant young minds’. Emma Broadbent, Regional Manager of the Cisco Networking Academy, which prepares the next generation to be global problem solvers remarked on Innovateen, “We are thrilled to see our new Secondary School Partner Brigidine College Randwick take the leadership in organising such a fantastic event that promotes entrepreneurial thinking and industry engagement.”



We would like to offer our sincere gratitude and a special thank you to all those involved.

We wish to offer our thanks to our wonderful industry mentors from Cisco, JAR Aerospace, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices, Tesla, and Thankyou who presented the design challenges and business insights. 


To the Principals from the four schools for their openness and support. To the executive and staff here at Brigidine for their assistance and encouragement and to Brigidine’s V.E.T students from Business Services, Hospitality and IDMT who helped make the event run so smoothly, thank you  


To the wonderful students who participated, your engagement and willingness to collaborate with others makes you a credit to the Randwick community and your generation, well done and thank you.

No i would leave it the same the event was amazing and i would recommend it to anyone

maybe more schools?


I would change nothing the event was amazing and well thought out (please have another day like this) go for longer


Taught me how to work under strict time constraints


Allowed me to be able to learn from a lot of different people from experts and students

a lot, in a positive way  knowing that being divergent is great. how to stand and think outside the box.


It has given me the confidence to get my ideas out there



Learn how to process skills  Talking in front of a lot of people

I have learnt to think outside the box, and to be quick and strategic under pressure

How to think, to  became more organised.


I have made new connections with people from the different schools


ahh, got to know more people and how they interact and what their passions are.

Meeting new people and learning about professional people's past successes and failures and how it all helped them to persevere through it all.


I like connecting with the other schools and having a sort of competition, I loved the whole design-tech-ness of it as I am passionate about that.


A deeper look into how to innovate ideas, then to pitch them

I gained a new perspective on the use of energy in the world and what we use it for. I also gained many different ideas on how to change the way we live our life.

I have gained both information about the importance of a good pitch and how to do it well, and also information about perseverance and how business failures are all useful in some way or another.

To persevere as any issue or problem can be overcome and to listen to other people more attentively so as to be able to work together towards a common goal.


I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with and get to know students from other schools in the area.

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